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The Lifetime Service Center has provided repair and reverse logistic solutions to the consumer electronics industry since 1989. Our programs include customer service triage, work-order creation and management, component level repairs, returns management, and a refurbishing department that will return your goods to a salable position.

Initially, we existed solely to facilitate repairs for a chain of retail consumer electronics stores in the Northeast. We grew up repairing audio components, then VCRs [over 50,000 in 1996] and tube TVs. It wasn’t glamorous, but we learned to fix the hard stuff for a fair price.

In 2005, we used our knowledge and resourcefulness to begin repairing LCD TVs on a national level. We’re not talking about Tier 1 manufacturers with technical support and a supply chain. We provided a service for the tier that presented a completely new paradigm – a disposable TV. Day 366 was just an excuse to buy a new TV for this new “manufacturer”. Finding repair solutions was arduous at best, but we repair over 85% of these sets and many left our facility performing better than they did when they left the factory. We quickly gained a reputation for repairing electronics that needed more than just a board replacement.

We entered the digital revolution by fixing iPods for accounts nationwide during the period where Apple had everyone convinced they had built a product that was not serviceable. Now everyone wants to fix Apple products, which opened up a great opportunity: the non-Apple tablet market. Similar to the initial LCD TV market, there are hundreds of brands with no support for damaged or out of warranty products. While everyone else is advising filling up a landfill and buying a new product, we will repair 85,000 of these tablets in 2015.

Over the past several years we have created departments for laptop computers, video game systems [consoles and handhelds], and our favorite, under-served industry – Music Equipment. We had no idea how many musicians we had working for us! With their expertise, we were able to create the industry’s first depot solution and provide a fast turnaround time for musicians that rely on their gear.

Today we recognize that the world revolves around digital communications and our ability to stay in touch. Mobile phones, tablets, and laptops are ubiquitous for every working individual. And they are the medium that keeps the employee tethered to the employer. No one wants or can afford to be without these tools. Whether you are a small business, a school district, or a large public corporation, we have a solution to maximize your communication equipment budget.

You bought it. You own it. You have the right to improve the things you buy.


Repairing is always our first choice because keeping electronics in action creates the least amount of e- waste. Although we can’t repair all the electronics that we do without creating some junk, we are committed to making our operations as green as possible. Our ‘Repair, Reclaim, Recycle’ mantra keeps an average of 3 tons of e-waste, cardboard and foam out of landfills each week.

In 2011, we wanted to widen our reach so we complemented our Buffalo, NY location with a repair shop in Ontario, California. Between the two locations, our technical crew has over 70 staff members and we are able to reach 86% of the U.S. population in 3 days or less. Due to the growing demand, we are excited to announce a 20,000 sq. ft. addition to our Buffalo location to be completed Fall 2015.

Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

Lifetime Service is proud to partner with local and thriving companies to best serve our public. Four of them are sister companies to Lifetime Service, making communication and accessibility more cohesive



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